Advertising Information (updated July 31, 2013)


The Post was created in 1985 to provide local businesses with cost-effective marketing exposure. No other newspaper in Northeast Alabama or Northwest Georgia provides the unequaled service, value and coverage you get with The Post. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Weekly distribution of 17,500 copies -- FIVE TIMES as many as the other local paper. That's over 43,000 readers each week!

The Post provides FREE classified and personal ads in most categories. No other paper does that!

Our editorial content from local and state news to our weekly "Cherokee News" section to editorial columns by award-winning editor Scott Wright, and the always hilarious "Road Apples" by (Society of Professional Journalists award winner) Tim Sanders is the perfect blend of local news and sports, human interest, current events and humor. We also include unique feature columns from local authors, politicians and writers, a chance to broaden your mind and learn about the past, a full page of games and puzzles for kids and adults, local school athletic event results, church listings and MUCH MORE!

The Post is Cherokee County's only home-owned weekly. Cherokee County's other local newspaper is owned by an out-of-state company. All profits generated from The Post remain in Cherokee County and contribute to the local economy.


Most classified ads in The Post are FREE. To leave your free classified ad on our Post Hotline, call 927-POST (7678) if you live in the local calling area. If you live outside Cherokee County, you can call our toll-free automated Hotline number: 1-800-519-5119.

The only classified ad categories we charge for are real estate, mobile homes and pets (if the animal is registered and/or being sold for $50 or more). Charges for these ads are $5 per week and the ads can be placed in person at our office, received with full payment in the mail, or called in and paid with a credit card ($20 minimum transaction). We do not offer refunds on classified ads placed in The Post.

MAILING ADDRESS: The Post, 100 East Main Street, Centre, Alabama  35960.


The Post is able to distribute up to 17,500 inserts across our coverage area of northeast Alabama and northwest Georgia. Inserts must be pre-printed and shipped to NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY, 5 EAST 4th STREET, ROME, GA., at least ONE WEEK (7 DAYS) before they are to be inserted on Monday (the day we publish).

Rates for inserts are: complete run (all 17,500 copies), cost is $50 per thousand; for a short run (anything less than all 17,500 copies), cost is $60 per thousand.

Minimum insertion for inserts is 5,000. We do not provide specific areas of coverage during delivery.


Insertion orders for inserts should be faxed to 256-927-7678 or emailed here.

Click here for demographic information about Cherokee County from the U.S. Census Bureau.


Rates for display ads are as indicated on the chart below. Advertising agencies, please contact Editor Scott Wright at 256-927-4476 (or email) with questions regarding net and gross rates and/or extended contract discounts. FAX NUMBER: 256-927-7678.



Wednesday at 5 p.m. for all display advertising.
Thursday at noon for classified advertising.